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 Madads Clash Of Zombies

Tricks To Star-up Madara

Clash Of Zombie X-War: Clash Of Zombies (also known as COZ1) is the world famous strategy game developed by Caesars studio. It is available in both iOS and Android Operating System.

Madara is most powerful melee troops in the game. So, everyone focus on upgrading Madara to maximum stars along with maximum skills quickly. In the article I will give you amazing tricks to star-up Madara for two stars with just 7500 power stones. 

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This trick is for beginner, who are new to the game or want to play new account or want to play on another server. We can get most of the heroes from hero shop (except legendary and some epic heroes). The good thing is we can get Madara from both Hero Shop and mission road (known as The King's path). Here is the main mistake we do. So just follow these steps: 

How To Get The Madhara? 

Most of the people  summon Madara from the Mission road. Never do it. You can complete the mission road and get other rewards but don't claim that Madara fragments. You can claim more than 7500 power stones in the mission roads. 

Mascara Clash Of zombies

With that 7500 power stones you have to craft Madara from Hero Shop. After getting Madara you can claim your 800 Madara fragments in kings road. With this 800 fragments, you can starup Madara twice. It requires (200 + 500 fragments ) for first star and second star respectively.

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