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 X-war: Clash of Zombies: COZ1 is the popular strategy video game, which was launched by Caesars Studio. It is available in both Play Stores and App Stores for Android and iOS.  If you are  a free player, then you might be struggling to get legendary heroes and it is more difficult to awake them. So in this post, I will help you the best way to get and awake some legendary heroes. 

How To Awake Black Phoenix (Clash Of Zombies 1)

In this tutorial, I will share my story on how I awake my Black Phoenix as a free player. The basic step is to collect 40,000 crystals for 'Use More Get More' weekly events. I will help you the easiest way to collect enough crystals  for awaking legendary heroes. You can awake any heroes, but my favourite is Black Phoenix, So I suggest you to awake her first. If you are going for Title challengers 2 then you can go for a Venom. If you don't know, how to get both titles, then check it here.

Now let's go from the beginning. The first rule is don't misuse a single crystal in the game, you can spend for buying builders only.  To reach the 40,000 crystals milestones within a certain time, we have to follow these following steps.

1. Initial Bonus:
You can get huge crystals for logging the games. You will get online bonuses as well. Collect all the crystals from bonuses, by following official pages of COZ1 and so on. You can get more than 2,000 crystals from it.
2. Gift Codes:
This is the best free methods to earn a heavy amount of crystals. There are nearly dozen of working gift codes of Coz1. By using all gift codes you will get nearly 6,000 Crystals.

Check here for all gift codes:
3. Stark Investment:
This is another good method to earn crystals. Choose the best plan, you will get 1200 crystals everyday. That means, you will get 8,600 crystals in a week. 

4. Areana
By playing Arena mode, you will get 1000 + 2000 crystals by reaching 1300 points. You will also get seasonal rewards twice in a month. So, collect and save all the crystals.
5. Refer and Earn
From this method you can collect maximum crystals for awaking legendary heroes. Give your promo codes to your friends, share in social media or in the game itself. You will get rewarded every time when your friends upgrade spaceship or they recharge crystals in the game. 

You can collect more than 5000 crystals from one referring account. It means you can collect nearly 50,000 crystals from 10 accounts, but it takes quite a long time. You can play 2-5 dummy accounts for fast progress of the game. You just need to focus on upgrading spaceship only and leave it after completing the target.

6. Achievements
Check the achievement list in the game. There are some missions, where you will get huge amount of crystals. For examples: Get title challengers 1 & 2, Get trophies, upgrade walls etc.
7. Events:
There are many events in the game such as daily events, weekly events, monthly events, occasional events, etc. In the daily event, you can get 30 crystals by attacking the war with a particular troop or heroes. You will also get some crystals by sharing the game and attacking videos. 

In the monthly events, you will get crystals from the Challenger mission, which runs for nearly 28 days. There are 688 crystals in the  challenge or you may even get more by upgrading the pass.
Occasional Events come during festivals and new year. This event consists of scratch and win crystals, lucky spin, use more get more etc. 

Conclusion: I told you the  best  method to collect the crystals for awaking legendary heroes. I don't mean you need to complete all the missions. You can get enough crystals from refer and earn method. Be patient and keep playing. When you reach 40,000+ crystals then wait for 'Use More Get More' event. When this event comes in the game, spin the lottery with crystals for 50+ fragments.  It will be enough for collecting 800+ fragments. So you will get the hero and their soul stones at once. 

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