Share Market Broker List Of Nepal With TMS | Top Brokers in Nepal With TMS

Share Market Broker List Of Nepal  With TMS | Top Brokers in Nepal  With TMS

Here are the list of All Share Market Brokers Of Nepal with their TMS and and contact numbers. You need to scroll down to see  the Brokers list with their respective TMS.

Note: If the contact number is not fully shown just rotate your phone by Screen Rotation. 
Broker No.Broker NameAddressContact
1Kumari Security Pvt. Ltd.Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu01-4418036, 01-423679
1_RWSKumari Security Pvt. Ltd.New Road, Pokhara061-537511
3Arun Security Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4239567, 9864995795
4Stock Broker Opal Securities Investment Pvt. Ltd.Uttardhoka, Kathmandu01-4420313, 9851082252
5Market Securities Exchange Company Pvt. Ltd.Kichha Pokhari, Kathmandu01-4248973, 01-4223257
6Agrawal Securities Pvt. Ltd.Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu01-4424406, 4424657
6_RWSAgrawal Securities Pvt. Ltd.Main Road, Biratnagar021-571667, 570857
6_RWSAgrawal Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kadam Chowk, Janakpur041-420420
7J.F. Securities Company Pvt. LtdDharampath, Kathmandu01-4256099, 4248202
8Ashutosh Brokerage & Securites Pvt. Ltd.Battisputali, Kathmandu01-4490232, 4490233
8_RWSAshutosh Brokerage & Securites Pvt. Ltd.Itahari9813284370
10Pragyan Securites Pvt. Ltd.Kamaladi, Kathmandu01-4413392
10_RWSPragyan Securites Pvt. Ltd.Collage Road, Biratnagar021-527283
11Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company Pvt. Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu01-4432008, 4414088
13Thrive Brokerage House Pvt. Ltd.Naxal, Kathmandu01-4419051, 4416018
13_RWSThrive Brokerage House Pvt. Ltd.Gairipatan, Pokhara061-522935
14Nepal Stock House Pvt. LtdKalikasthan, Kathmandu01-4429621, 4429631
14_RWSNepal Stock House Pvt. LtdGairipatan, Pokhara061-534694
16Primo Securities Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4168175, 4168164
16_RWSPrimo Securities Pvt. Ltd.Adarsha Nagar, Birgunj051-529683
17ABC Securites Pvt. LtdIndrachowk, Kathmandu01-4230787, 4266507
17_RWSABC Securites Pvt. LtdPrithivi Marg, Dharan025-524083
18Sagarmatha Securities Pvt. Ltd.Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu01-4439315, 4433316
19Nepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Ltd.Purano Baneshwor, Ktm01-4495450, 4480072
19_RWSNepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Ltd.Main Road, Biratnagar021-440127
20Silpa Securities Pvt. Ltd.New Road, Kathmandu01-4255782, 4255078
21Midas Stock Broking Company Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4240089, 4240115
22Siprabi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Pulchowk, Lalitpur01-5530701
22_RWSSiprabi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Resham Kothi, Birgunj051-523818
25Sweta Securities Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4223914, 4223778
25_RWSSweta Securities Pvt. Ltd.Ghantaghar, Birgunj 
26Asian Securities Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4524351, 4524485
26_RWSAsian Securities Pvt. Ltd.Palpa, Butwal071-541385
28Shree Krishna Securites Ltd.Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu01-4441226, 4441225
28_RWSShree Krishna Securites Ltd.Municipality, Biratnagar021-521699
29Trishul Securities Company LimitedPutali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4440709
29_RWSTrishul Securities Company LimitedNew Road, Pokhara061-523901
32Premier Securities Company LimitedPutali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4432705, 4432700
32_RWSPremier Securities Company LimitedNew Road, Pokhara061-534201
32_RWSPremier Securities Company LimitedNew Road, Pokhara061-534201
33Dakshinkali Investment Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kamaladi, Kathmandu01-4168640, 6841641
33_RWSDakshinkali Investment Securities Pvt. Ltd.Palpa Road, Butwal071547089, 9851095629
34Vision Securities Pvt. Ltd.Anamnagar, Kathmandu01-4770425, 4770408
34_RWSVision Securities Pvt. Ltd.Narayangarh, Bhairawa071-522324
34_RWSVision Securities Pvt. Ltd.Banepa Chowk, Banepa011-662802
35Kohinoor Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu01-4442857, 4442858
35_RWSKohinoor Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.New Road, Pokhara061-534445
36Secured Secrities LimitedPradarshni Marga, Kathmandu01-4262861, 4224523
36_RWSSecured Secrities LimitedBirtamod, Jhapa023-546608, 9840065920
37Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4168219, 4168291
37_RWsSwarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Sangam Chowk, Hetauda9855037137
38Dipshika Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt. Ltd. Anamnagar, Kathmandu01-4102532, 4102534
38_RWSDipshika Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt. Ltd. Yug Plaza, Dhangadi091-521984, 521985
39Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu01-4444740, 4424209
39_RWSSumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd.Birtamod, Jhapa023-541919
40Creative Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu01-4419572, 4419582
40_RWSCreative Securities Pvt. Ltd.Near Neco Insurance, Banepa011-663258, 664176
41Linch Stock Market Limited.New Baneshwor, Kathmandu01-4469367, 4469068
41_RWSLinch Stock Market Limited.Milan Chowk, Butuwal071-547292
42Sani Securities Company LimitedJamal, Kathmandu01-4166005, 4166006
42_RWSSani Securities Company LimitedSahid Chowk, Narayanghat056-572272
43South Asian Bulls Pvt. Ltd. Kuleshwor-14, Kathmandu01-4284785, 4284786
43_RWSSouth Asian Bulls Pvt. Ltd. Birtamod, Jhapa023-546616
44Dynamic Money Manager Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu01-4414522, 4413421
44_RWSDynamic Money Manager Securities Pvt. Ltd.Near Dev Bikash Bank, Banepa9843252336
45Imperial Securities Co. Pvt. Ltd.Hikola Building, Nepalgunj081-524932
45_RWSImperial Securities Co. Pvt. Ltd.Jumla Road, Surkhet083-522503
46Kalika Securities Pvt. Ltd.Hanumanthan, Kathmandu01-5705563, 5705564
46_RWSKalika Securities Pvt. Ltd.New Road, Nepalgunj081-527301
47Neev Securities pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4168601, 4168572
47_RWSNeev Securities pvt. Ltd.Biratnagar Road, Itahari025-587408
48Trishakti Securities Public LimitedPutali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4232132, 4168572
48_RWSTrishakti Securities Public LimitedNew Road, Pokhara061-523901
49Online Securiities Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4168298, 4168302
49_RWSOnline Securiities Pvt. Ltd.College Road, Dharan025-530683
50Crystal Kanchanjunga Securities Pvt. Ltd.New Plaza, Kathmandu01-4011176, 4011072
50_RWSCrystal Kanchanjunga Securities Pvt. Ltd.Jaljala Chowk, Biratnagar9851098200
51Oxford Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kalimati, Kathmandu01-4278113, 4273850
51_RWSOxford Securities Pvt. Ltd.Lions Chowk, Narayangrad9845066244
52Sundahara Securities Pvt. Ltd.Sundhara, Kathmandu01-4212215, 4260174
52_RWSSundahara Securities Pvt. Ltd.Nabil Bank Building, Besisahar9851194933
53Investment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Tripureshwor, Kathamandu01-4256589, 4256590
53_RWSInvestment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.New Road, Pokhara061-537944
54Sewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.Tripureshwor, Kathamandu01-4256642, 4256644
54_RWSSewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.Main Road, Hetauda057-524454
55Bhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.New Road, Kathmandu01-4233213, 4224648
55_RWSBhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.Kasturi Chowk, Itahari025-587273
56Shree Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kamaladi, Kathmandu01-4437562, 4437466
56_RWSShree Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd.Birtamod, Jhapa023-542132, 542454
57Araya Tara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.Anamnagar, Kathmandu01-5706297, 5705596
57_RWSAraya Tara Investment & Securities Pvt. Ltd.Traffic Chowk, Butwal071-542561
58Naasa Securities Co. Ltd.Naxal, Kathmandu01-4440384, 4440385
58_RWSNaasa Securities Co. Ltd.Adarsha Nagar, Birgunj9841018232
59Deevya Securities & Stock House Pvt. Ltd.Putali Sadak, Kathmandu01-4421488, 4420987
59_RWSDeevya Securities & Stock House Pvt. Ltd.Purano Buspark, Baglung068-521957

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