How To Unblock Website(URL) On The Facebook | Step By Step Method With Pictures

We can easily promote our contents, goods, files, videos, blogs in the Facebook groups and pages. If you have URL, then you can get huge number of daily visitors from the Facebook. On thought of getting more traffics, you may violate policies of Facebook. 

If you attempt to share the content maximum times, Facebook bot will detect illegal activities and marks it as a spam. And your URL will be blocked.  If your website is marked as a spam then you cant share your website contents in the entire Facebook community. So,  here is the step by step methods on how to unblock website(URL) on the facebook.
How to unblock URL on the facebook

 Why did the Facebook Blocked my URL?

 Now a day, there is lots of competition in the Facebook. It will make the Facebook's Newsfeeds dirty. So, Facebook takes these steps  to minimize the spam. If they track URL as spam, they will block it.

How To Unblock URL In The Facebook?

If your url is not spam and its your own original  content, then Facebook team will unblock your URL.  But,  you have to contact Facebook teams to have review on your website. 

How To Send A Request Message To The Facebook Team For Unblocking My URL? 

Here is the step by step guide to send message to the facebook team. 

  • First of all open and fill the Contact Form (You will find the form exactly like this).

  • Facebook Contact Form
    Facebook Contact Form

  • Write a message about your issue and request them  to unblock your URL. 
  • At last, submit your message. 

Facebook Team will review your website and message with in some working days.  If your URL is not a spam and it follows all Facebook Community Guidelines, then they will unblock the URL.

Sample On How To Write  Message To A Facebook Team. 

This is the sample message you can write to the facebook team.

Dear Facebook Team, 

I am gald to hear that facebook takes action against the spam.  I am using facebook from many years but I didnt abuse it.  But now my url is blocked in facebook which creates great problem for me. My url is about games and sports and all contents are original and mine. This is not an spam So please review my website and  unblock my url. [My URL:] 

Thank You Sir!

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