List Of All COZ2 Gift Codes 2021 And Promo Codes | Clash Of Zombies 2

Clash Of Zombies 2 (also known as COZ2) is the world famous strategy game developed by Caesars studio. It is available in both iOS and Android Operating System. You can download this game from Google Play Store in Android Phone. If you are new in the Clash of Zombies1, then you can get plenty of crystals by using gift codes. Here I will give you list of all COZ2 gift codes. 

list of all gift codes of clash of zombies 2 Coz2

If furthermore gift codes are available in the upcoming days, we will update herw quickly. So, be in touch with us.  Firstly, let's know the steps to reedem coz2 gift codes.

How To Use Gift Codes In Clash Of Zombies 2?

Step 1: Go to game's setting.
Step 2: Tap on gift code button.
Step 3: Gift code box will pop up.
Step 4: Enter the gift code.

List Of COZ2 Gift Codes 2021

  • Happy2021
  • 2020ByeBye
  • Christmas2020
  • KingIsBack
  • Q3T2G7XRCJ
  • Sq01fraqbc
  • FU8Zkl8zE6
  • GZ01cjcMzfo
  • V1qdiixjnzi95
Caesar may outdated some gift codes. But till now all codes are working. You can get plenty of crystals by using these gift codes of Clash Of Zombies 2. 

You can also get some rewards by using the Promo codes. Promo codes can only be used once. Both code users and code referal will get benifit from it. If you used promo codes by sharing to each other within friends then both of you can obtain huge amount of crystals, which helps in game progression.

How To Use COZ2 Promo Codes?

1. Login To your Game.
2. Click On Setting.
3. Click on Promo code.
4. Enter the promo code.

[NOTE: You can ask promo code from your friends or league  mates or in global chat.]

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