Who Is The Father Of Geometry | Euclid Biography

 Euclid is commonly known as Euclidus is also known as Euclid of Alexandria. He is a Greek mathematician referred as the ‘Father of Geometry’. Euclid’s elements are one of the most powerful work in the history of mathematics. In this Euclid’s elements, he deduced the well-known theorem called Euclidean Geometry from a small set of axioms. 
Who Is The Father Of Geometry | Euclid Biography

Who Is The Father Of Geometry?

If you have a confusion regarding, Who is known as father of modern geometry, then the short answer is, Euclid (Greek mathematician) is known as the father of geometry.  He wrote tasks on spherical geometry, conic section, perspective, mathematical rigour and number theory. 

Euclid Biography 

Birth Mid Fourth Century BC
Death Mid Third Century BC
Known As Father Of Geometry
Euclid Of Alexandria
Known By Euclidean Geometry
Euclidean Algorithm
Euclid's Elements
The biography of Euclidus is very sketchy and very little fact about his life is known from the old references. It is believed that, he was born around 325 BC and died around 270 BC.
 He was born at Alexandria (Egypt), so he is also known by Euclid of Alexandria. He had studied at Plato Academy. At that time, Academy of Plato was very popular for the mathematics. In 300 BC, Euclid collected all the information dealing with geometry. He arranged that collection and wrote thirteen books about geometry, called the Euclid’s Elements. This is the main reason why Euclid is called the father of geometry.

Euclid formulated the theory of geometry about 2400 years ago. Students were also taught geometry in primary school, which was based on the Euclid book. By analyzing this hard work, we can say, Euclid and geometry are interchangeable terms. 
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Euclid lived in Alexandria during the period of Tolemy. He establishes one school and finishes his Volume. He has huge respect to actor, poet,  astrologers and mathematician, which makes him success in his life. He has approximately seven lakh books in his library. He wrote the book in special type of paper. Those paper were made of cellulose.  The sad thing is, that library does not exist now.

Euclid gathered  all the research book of Pythagoras, Plato, Thales and other Arabian and Greek scientist. He doesn't deduce all the  Geometric formula but he gathers all the knowledge and information about the geometry and re-arrange them in a volume of the elements
Euclid introduced a new concept and makes the geometry more simple, easy, functional and straightforward. He combined a simple description with the mathematical form to prove it with a statement.

Later on, Euclid established an Academy. Everyone who wishes to enroll in his academy should have a clear understanding of geometry. Others are not permitted to enter into his academy.

Abraham Lincoln has also mentioned the importance of Geometry in the practical life. He learned geometry from the Euclid volume at the age of 40 years.

It is called mathematics is the language of physics. The  study of Optics, Mechanics, Sound, Nuclear physics, Bio science, etc were only possible due to the application of Euclid's Elements. The Euclid mechanism is also used in research for  new discoverie and inventions.

Euclidean volume was translated into Syrian and Arabian language, this justify the popularity  and demand of Euclid's Elements. These volumes were  translated in Hindi language too.

On the basis of this volume, a German mathematician named Riemann introduced a new geometry known as A-Euclidia Geometry. The world Popular scientist like Albert Einstein also used this geometry to formulate his well known theory, 'Special of Relativity'. Albert Einstein has written many articles by respecting the greatness of Euclid. 

What is Euclidean Geometry?

 Euclidean geometry is the study of planes, lines, points as well as geometric figures. 

Euclid’s  Elements:

Euclid’s Elements is the set of 13 books which are arranged in such a way that it is easy to read and understand. They are said to be very popular books which are arranged as: 

Table: Euclid's Elements

Book Deals With
1 to 6 Deals With Plane Geometry
7 to 9 Deals With Number Theory
10 Deas with Eudoxu's Theory of Irrational Number
11 to 13 Deals With Solid Geometry

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