Clash Of Zombies: How To Get The Title Challenger 2 ?

How To Get Title Challengers I and II? 

In X-War: Clash Of Zombies (known as COZ1) to get the title challenger I is very easy and simple, but to achieve Challenger II is a very difficult task. So here is the best tricks about how to get the title challenger II. At last there is a bonus tip as well. So, don't miss it.

 Both challenger titles can be obtained by attacking the war boss. To get Challenger I, you can damage war boss in multiple attacks. However, in challenger II, you have to kill war boss on single attack. 

Chasers Challenger 2 Clash Of Zombies

Achieving the title challenger II will be the main aim of Clashers, because of these following three reasons: 

1. Get double powerstones in boss attacks. 

2. Get 500 crystals by completing achievement. 

3. Get Sharingan Artifact Fragments for hero Madara. 

If you had completed the Challenger 1 and preparing to get the title Challenger 2 then you are in the right place. If you are a free player then you have to play more wisely. If you upgrade your heroes' levels and their skills wisely then you can get Challenger II title in Spaceship level 8 and above.

 I suggest you to prepare for Challenger II, if you have minimum spaceship 8. We can unlock maximum 10 hero slots in Spaceship 8 until spaceship 13. In spaceship 14, you can get an additional slot for 11th heroes. If you don't like to rush on Spaceship 14, then also you can achieve Challengers with 10 heroes.

 If you have legendary heroes then it will be good, but I will not use legendary heroes here because all player may don't have it. If you make the right combination of the heroes then you can surely get second challenger. 

There are four types of heroes: 

1: High Damager (Single target):
Madara, Immortal, Thanos etc 
2. Base Destroyer:
Axe, Zabivaka, Black Phoneix etc 
3. Assistant Heroes:
Shield, Victory, Angel, Wonder woman etc 
4. Hero Killer:
Rola, Ichigo, Black Phoneix etc 

Hero killers and Base destroyers dont help much attacking the war boss. So we have to use high damager and assistant heroes. Along with the heroes  we must use camp full of troops in the boss attacks. Dont use Kirovs or Masters in the attack because they are useless. Instead we have to use Walle in the attack to get high damage. Boss skill can kill all Walles at once. So, we use Ninja Turtle to protect them. 

Make the following heroes combination to get the title challenger II. 

1. Madara 
2. Immortal 
3. Bumbleebee 
4. Goku 
5. Shield 
6. Victory 
7. Angel 
8. Wonder Woman 
9. Zombie President 
10. Ninja Turtle 
11. Walle (Troops) 

Upgrading the skills and stars of above heroes are compulsory.  Not all skills should be upgraded to maximum level, some can be upgraded to medium level (skill levels 10). 

Here is the table:

HeroFirst Skill

Second Skill

Chips SkillStars
Wonder WomanMediumMax1+3+
Zombie PresidentMaxMedium1+2+
Ninja TurtleMediumMedium1+2+

Bonus Tips: How To Get The Title Challenger 2? 

  • Give energy restoring equipment to victory and shield (exchange for boss attack only).
  • Give HP restore equipment or life steal equipment to angel (If an angel survives whole attack then all other heroes will survive too).
  • Focus on awaking Shield and Victory (It will increase the damages,  damage speeds and movement speeds of troops as well) 
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