How To Create A Table In Blogger Post Without Coding

Hello friends, if you are new in blogger and you want to create a responsive table for blogger then this post will obviously help you. The most interesting thing is,  if you don’t have any knowledge about HTML coding, then also you can easily make a table in blogger. You may hear that Wordpress has many plugins for making table. This feature is unavailable in the Blogger platform. If you are wondering about how to create a table in blogger post without coding, then you are in the right place. You can easily add tables in your blogger post from Mobile phone (cell phone) also. First of all, let’s know:

Why Table Is Required In Blogger Post?

Sometime you need to arrange the data in tabular form. A table is often required for grouping any data in the website. The simple answer is, the table is required in the blogger post to divide the different elements in their respective groups. For example: People and their age, gender, income, work, country, city etc.
How To Make Table In Blogger Post?
 Here we will discuss three different methods to create  an HTML table in blogger without coding.
Method 1 of 3.

HTML Table Generator

This is the easiest way to a create responsive table for blogger post. You can apply this method from mobile phone also. You don’t need any idea about HTML Table coding. In this process, HTML code will be generated automatically. You can copy and paste that generated code in the required place of the post. So, HTML table generator is one of the easiest way to give design to the table in blogger. Just follow these steps below, you can follow the picture for better understanding.
Step 1:
Select the design of a table which matches your blogger post.
How To Create Table In Blogger Post Without Coding

Step 2:
Select the required number of rows and columns from Body section.
Untick/tick header and footer section as per your requirements.
How To Create Table In Blogger Post Without Coding from mobile easily

Step 3:
Fill up the date in the box.
Finally, the HTML code of the table will be generated just below the table.
Step 4:
Copy the entire HTML Code and paste in your blogger post.
NOTE: The CSS code of the table will be also generated just near the HTML Code. The CSS code gives the design and  the color of your table. So, you just need to put that CSS code only one time in your website. The same CSS code will work for all tables in your entire website.

You Can Use this tutorial for how to make a table in blogger post


How To Add CSS Code In Blogger?

Blogger bought the new interface in the recent update. So, you may face little difficulty in finding the right setting. Follow these steps correctly to add CSS code in the Blogger.
Go to Themes> My Themes> Customize.
Click on advanced.
In advanced option, scroll down to Add CSS.
How To Add CSS Code In Blogger?

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Method 2 of 3.

Create Table In Blogger Using Microsoft Word.

This is the second best method to create a responsive table in the Blogger Post without any HTML Coding. Earlier you need a computer to create tables in the Microsoft Word (also known as MS Word). Nowadays, the mobile application is also available. So, you can make a table from your mobile phone also. If you don’t have MS Word, you can download it from the official Microsoft website for your PC. The mobile application is available in the Google Play Store.
  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Click on Insert button.
  • Select rows and columns.
  • Select the available table design.
  • Click on Save As.
  • Save it as HTML web  page.
  • Go to the saved file.
  • Right click on it and select open with.
  • Select Notepad.
  • Copy all the HTML code.
  • Paste it in the blogger post.
  • Save the blog post.
Method 3 of 3.

Create Table In Blogger Using Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is the software designed to make tables in it for the office work. This software is also available in Microsoft store and official website. In order to create tables in the Blogger using MS word you need to fill up the data in it. Save the document and open with notepad. Copy all the generated HTML Code and paste it in blogger post section.

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We hope this post helps you a lot. It may not easy as using the plugins, but not as hard as typing HTML Code for making tables. We hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you are still facing some difficulties on how to create a table in blogger post without coding, then let us know it. You can drop your problem in the comment section below. We will come with the solution for you.

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