Biography of Atmananda Lingden | Kirat Mundhum

Name Atmananda Lingden
Birth (B.S) 2011 Mangsir 18
Birth (A.D) 1954 December 03
Birth Place Nepal
Birth District Ilam

Biography of Atmananda Lingden | Kirat Mundhum

His Holiness Atmananda Lingden was born in 2011 Mangsir 18 (Nepali Calendar date) which corresponds to 3 December, 1954. He was born in Ivang Village Development Committee (VDC) of Ilam district, which is located at the eastern part of country, Nepal. He is believed as the reincarnation of His Holiness Falgunanda Lingden. He said that, his main aim in his life is to follow the path shown by His Holiness Falgunanda Lingden. 
In his childhood life, he suffers from a great difficulty. He was an orphan when he was young, but he managed to survive it. From a young age, he was interested in meditation. He meditated at several places of Eastern Nepal. His Holiness Atmananda Lingden enlightenment when he was just eight years old at Fulungi, which is  known as Sadhu Gufa (i.e., yogi- cave) that is located at the confluence of the three rivers. The three different rivers are Mai, Dev Mai and Mekwa Mai in Ilam district.

After enlightenment, His Holiness Atmananda lingden 'Se-ing' started to practice and teach Kirat Religion (Kirat Dharma). His aim is to promote global peace, humanity's unification, and global responsibility for the protection of all sentient creatures. He also gives awareness about gender equality, nonviolence and awareness against drug addiction and alcoholism. He lived in a sacred place called Mangsebung. He is the refounder of Kirat Dharma.

Under the supervision and guidance of Atmananda Lingden, many temples were constructed. He has also guided to publish many books about Kirat religions. He has promoted the holy book called "Mundhum". Kiratism which is commonly known as Kirat Mundhum is ancient Indo religion, practiced by the Kirati ethnic groups of Sikkim, Darjeeling and Nepal. It is practiced by about 3% of total population of Nepal. 
Now, Kirat religion becomes the 4th largest  religion in Nepal. Every year, millions of people from all over the world come to Mangsebung to seek His Holiness' favor and to attend his holy speech.

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