How To Change Profile Picture On Facebook Without Losing Likes

 Facebook is an American Social media launched by Facebook Inc.  Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of the Facebook. It was launched in 2004 February 4. In this very short time, it became the leading online social media and social networking service.

How To Change Profile Picture On Facebook Without Losing Likes

It has more than 2.86 billion active monthly users. In this topic I will help you with, how to change profile picture on Facebook without losing likes in 2021. There are some interesting QnA related to Facebook. So don’t miss that as well.
The most interesting thing is likes, comments and other reactions make your Facebook profile beautiful. In online social media people judge you by looking likes and comments on your profile pictures. The more reactions you got, it will boost the organic reach. So there is a lot of competition on getting likes on Facebook. 

You may know how to change the profile picture on Facebook, but you may not know how to change profile picture without losing likes.
NOTE: The only way you can change DP from the timeline without losing like is, you must use the profile picture from the past. Otherwise, your likes and comments will be reset. So, here is the step by step guide on how to repost a picture on Facebook without losing likes. 

How to make profile picture without losing likes?

If you are interested to change your current Facebook profile and set the previous one then just follow these steps: 
Step 1: Open the Facebook apps or go to a web browser and login from . 

Step 2: Go to your profile page. 

Step 3: click on profile picture camera icon (or click on a ‘photos’ option from web login). 
Step 4: In the next step you have to swipe the mobile screen and go to the album. This album stores all photos from the past. 

Step 5: Now choose the photo which you want to make profile picture from the album. 

Step 6: Click on save and refresh the page to know the profile picture was changed.
Conclusion: You must be a little careful while changing profile picture on Facebook. You may have the photos in your device storage. If the likes, comments and reactions does not matter you much then you can upload profile picture directly from your device storage. Your friends will find your new profile picture in their Newsfeed. You can get the reactions again. But if you don’t want to reset the reaction then you have to change the profile picture from the photo album by following the above method which we discussed earlier.

Some Interesting QnA 

What is the importance of comments and reaction on Facebook?

It will show the level of your brand. It indicates that people are interested in you. 

Likes and followers are same? 

No, followers are who remains in touch with you on Facebook while likes are the reaction which you got from the followers. 

How can I gain more likes on my photos?

You can get more likes on your photos by following method: 
  • Increasing followers,
  • Sharing in pages and groups, 
  • Sponsoring the post. 

How to get more follower easily?

The best method of getting more follower is by posting great content. Another method is by interacting and helping others, i.e. engage with other people. 

How to download Facebook in android and iOS? 

You can download Facebook from a play store for the android phone and app store for iOS. You can also use the web version of Facebook from mobile browsers. 

How to log in my two Facebook accounts at once? 

You can login two Facebook accounts at once from the Google chrome. You can login one account directly and another on incognito tab.

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