Why Is Water Called The Universal Solvent?

 Water is transparent, odorless and colorless substances found abundantly on the earth. It is the most important solvent that most of the processes of living creatures depend upon the properties of water. It is formed by the combination two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen. Before knowing, why water is called the universal solvent, let’s learn: 

Why Is Water Called The Universal Solvent?

What is Solvent?

The substances which dissolve the solutes to form solution are called solvent. The solutes are substances which dissolve in the solvent. Usually solutes are solid substances and solvents are liquid substances. But both solute and solvent are solid in the solid solution.

Why is water often called the universal solvent? 

Water is capable of dissolving various compounds than any other solvent. The greatest reason, water is a good solvent because of the polar arrangement of its molecule. Water causes polarity because Hydrogen molecules in the water consist positive charge and oxygen consists negative charge. The angle between the bonds is 104.5 degrees. This helps the water molecule to be attracted to different other allies and alien molecules. Thus, water is called the universal solvent because of its physical attribution and chemical combination.
Why Is Water Called A Universal Solvent?

NOTE: There is no any true universal solvent. Sugar, salt, some alcohols, some gases can dissolve in water, but all substances don't dissolve in water. Some molecules like oil, fats, some hydroxides and metal oxides does not dissolve in water. But in comparision to other solvent water is a good solvent.

Example: How Sodium Chloride (NaCl) dissolves in water?
Sodium Chloride is formed by the ionic bond between Na and Cl. Sodium consists positive charge while chloride is a negative radicals. When we put salt in water, the opposite charge between the water molecules and sodium molecules break each other. [Hydrogen (+) face Chlorine (-) and Sodium (+) face oxygen (-)]. When the action is completed ions are evenly distributed and from a solution.
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Why is water called a universal solvent? (Class 6, class 7 and class 8-10) 

In other word water is sometime called a universal solvent because it is formed when two atoms of hydrogen combined with one atom of oxygen with covalent bond and it readily dissolves more compounds than any other solvent.

What are the properties of water? 

The properties of water are: 
  • It is tasteless, colorless and odorless solvent. 
  • Water molecule consists two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen. 
  • Its bond angle is 104.5. 
  • Its melting point is 0.0 degree Celsius and boiling point is 100 degree Celsius.
  • Its density is 100 kg per cubic meter. 
  • It acts as both acid and base, i.e. amphoteric nature.

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