How To Get Free Crystals In Clash Of Zombies?

 X-War: Clash Of Zombies (Also Known as COZ1) is the world famous android video game introduced by Caesar Studio in 2015. You can download COZ1 from play store for free. It is a strategy game. If you are a beginner in COZ1, then here are the best ways to earn crystals in the COZ1.

How To Get Free Crystals in Clash Of Zombies

Getting free crystals in COZ1 is not very easy, but you can choose some smart methods to get it. So, don't misuse the crystals in Clash Of Zombies. Before knowing, how to get free crystals in Clash of Zombies, let's know the uses of crystals in the game. 
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Uses Of Crystals In Clash Of Zombies:

  • To upgrade troops, heroes, power spell etc
  • To buy power stones and decorations.
  • Buy resources (food, energy and survivors).
  • Unlock the workers (maximum 5)
  • Completing troops and power spell.
  • Healing Heroes
  • Boosting resources and barrack.
  • Buy Shield (hourly, daily, weekly)
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How To Get Free Crystals In COZ1?

Completing Achievement:
This is the best source of getting crystals in the game. There are some achievements like Challengers and never stop,  which provide  you a huge amount of crystals. You will get notification as soon as you completed the achievement.
Removing Obstacle:
This is the another slow method to gain crystals in COZ1. You will get an obstacle in your base after every eight hours. That means, you can get three obstacles in a day.  You will get more rewards in seasonal obstacle.

Completing Events: 
There are two types of events available in the game, daily and seasonal event. You will get 30 crystals + 5 soul stones  of heroes or troops in daily event. The seasonal events are lucky crystals spin, use more, get more etc. The daily event also includes 'sharing is caring'. 
Arena Battle:
From the Arena battle, you can earn huge amount of crystals. Arena also consist separate mission for you. You can get total 3000 crystals from the Arena along with turntable ticket, speed cards, equipments and  artifact stones. You can also get seasonal rewards from Arena. The season of Arena runs for 15 days. You can receive crystals twice in a month.

You will get 100 crystals and gun zombie when you used other promo codes. If other used your promo codes, then you will get more than 5000 crystals from each user (maximum 10).  There are more than six active gift codes till now. You can use them.
Maintenance compensation
Caesar will take timely maintenance break to  add  some features or events. After completing the update, they will provide you some bonuses proportional to the delay time. 

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