Bonus and Dividend Calculator NEPSE

Bonus Share and Dividend Calculator

Bonus Share and Dividend Calculator

Details Amount
Cash Amount Rs. 0
Taxes Rs. 0
Receivable Cash Rs. 0
Receivable Bonus 0
Points To Be Noted
Share Quantity: Number of quantity you owns before the book close date.
Bonus Share %: Bonus share that company declared.
Cash Dividend %: Cash percentage declared by the company.
Face Value: Value of company when it issues a share to a public.

What is Nepse?
Nepse stands for Nepal stock market which is the one and only stock market of Nepal. It was established in 1993 AD on under Security Exchange act 1983. It opened the trading facilities from 1994.

How to calculate cash dividend in Nepal?
Company announces two types of dividend, cash dividend and bonus shares. To calculate the cash dividend we can use the above bonus and dividend calculator. This calculator will calculate the cash dividend in Nepal and bonus dividend after deducting the taxes according to Nepal government. The rate of taxes may varies with time.

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